David CastaƱeda, MSc

PhD candidate

Laboratory of Entomology
Wageningen University & Research
Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708PB Wageningen
The Netherlands

Email: david.castaneda@wur.nl

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Growing up as a kid in Guatemala, I dreamt of becoming a scientist. Although my journey has not been typical for a PhD candidate, I have always found myself wearing gloves and pipetting away at the lab bench. After working in various research fields and completing my master's degree in Brazil, I stumbled upon the medical entomology field almost by chance. I began working as a research assistant at my home university in Guatemala. Since then, I have focused on insecticide resistance in major disease vectors of Latin America, studied vector-borne viruses in Minnesota, and am currently engaged in a project centred on xenosurveillance in collaboration with the BioNanoTechnology group at WUR.

I am passionate about improving the life quality of low-resource communities and empowering them through science, which I believe the PhD project could be able to achieve that by developing, low-cost, easy to use and field deployable technologies to surveillance diseases in the global south. When I am not talking about mosquitoes, I enjoy cooking, watching films and TV shows, and exploring new places and foods.


My PhD project is a joint collaborative project with the BioNanoTechnology group, with my other promotors and co-promotors being Dr. Aldrik Velders and Dr. Vittorio Saggiomo.