GVCR 2019

This year, our group was involved in organizing the GVCR (Global Vector Control Response) conference together with the WHO and the PE&RC graduate school. The conference was a huge success with about 120 participants from many different countries and niches. Twenty travel grants could be given away, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation that allowed young career professionals from Low and Middle Income Countries to participate in the meeting.

The conference focused on progress on the implementation of the GVCR, mindful of current state-of-the-art of vector control. Strategies of IVM with the GVCR approach were discussed with a view of achieving further control and elimination. Conference participants were challenged to contribute to and participate in discussions and workshops designed to resolve bottlenecks in the global adoption and roll-out of the GVCR, and to identify potential shortcomings in effective implementation of vector control. These discussions assist to improve and facilitate the implementation of sustainable vector control as laid out in the GVCR, so that effective progress can be made in the prevention and control of vector-borne diseases.

For an impression of the conference, see the video below:

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